The Art of Scented Candle Making

Before we start making a scented candle for our customers, we spend days in preparation making sure the scent is just right and the candle wax will burn cleanly and evenly.  

In this fast-paced modern world we cherish how we make our scented candles which means they are all lovingly blended and poured by hand. The cotton wick is placed in to the candle glass by hand and glued in place so the wick stays central when the wax is poured. This ensures a precise and even burn all the way down.

Our finest wax is gently warmed up as the fragrance is blended in. It is then stirred continuously to ensure even distribution through the wax.

The fragranced wax reaches its final destination when it is hand poured into the preheated glasses. Before the wax has completely cooled, each wick is carefully straightened one by one by hand.

We do one more pour of the fragranced wax to ensure each candle is level for a premium finish. Once the wax is set, each wick is neatly trimmed by hand and appraised by the candle maker. After one more thorough inspection from the QC department, each candle is cleaned and hand polished to an immaculate finish. 

Labels are lovingly applied by hand and then the candle is gift-wrapped or packaged all ready for you to enjoy.

You can buy our scented candles online here.