Ruba Scented Candle

The Craft of Manufacturing Scented Candles

All our scented candles are manufactured here in the UK, in our own premises. The way they are made, like the candles themselves, is a refreshing and relaxing change from the rushed, impersonal and automated modern world.

The scent and the candle wax are carefully blended by hand, and the candles poured by hand. Each scented candle is individually checked before being carefully wrapped in our designer packaging.

We design all our scented candles in-house. We test very carefully, to make sure our candles burn evenly and steadily, with a long burn-time, and a steady release of the scent. Our quality waxes burn cleanly and without smoke.

We develop all our own scents, working from top quality ingredients. We think carefully about the scent, and about the emotional response it will evoke. We take great care, and a lot of time, in creating and testing the scents.

We love being candle manufacturers, and our greatest satisfaction knowing that our customers love our candles, too.

Scented Candles Set The Mood

We often want to set the mood for the room we are in, for a particular moment. That can be calm and peaceful for a relaxing soak in the bath, mellow and warm for a quiet night in, or up beat and lively for a party. Scented candles help you set the mood and atmosphere of any room, for any occasion, and the gentle light of candles adds to any occasion.

Choosing a scented candle to generate the mood and atmosphere you want is a very personal choice. It's as individual as choosing a scent or perfume. That's why we provide a wide range of rich natural fragrances in our candles. Whatever you want the mood to be, we can help you.

Scented candles are the quickest way to improve the mood of your home, and the most affordable way to add that feel of luxury.

Christmas, Scents and Candles

One of the many joys of Christmas is the memories it triggers of Christmases past. We can all remember lots of different Christmas days, right back to our own childhood. Scent plays a subtle part of those memories. The special food we only eat at Christmas, or the open fire, or the pine resin scent of the Christmas tree..

Scent helps bring back those memories, and helps build memories for the future. That's why scented candles are such a good part of your Christmas Decorations, and such a good Christmas gift. That's also why we have a special range of Christmas Scented Candles for you.

The Nose Knows !

Our nose tells us a lot about the place we are in. Is it warm and welcoming, or cold and damp ? Is it vibrant, or stale and dour ? Is it lively, or starting to age ?

We make not be aware of it, but all the time our nose is helping us decide if we like the place we are in.

That's why smart and savvy hosts make sure their guests are welcomed by the right scent. Scented candles are the best way of doing this : the right scent for the occasion, subtly filling the space for as long as it is required.

Candle Manufacturers

As well as our well-known Stoneglow brand candles we also manufacture candles for a wide range of well-known brands, including top flight hotels, fashion labels, and well known high street department stores. We offer a complete design, development and manufacturing service, helping quality brands develop scented candles which enhance their brand image.

All out candles are manufactured in our UK based factory.