Scented Candles in the making

We’d like to explain a few things about us which we believe set us apart.

Our Heritage
Our heritage is over 30 years experience in designing and creating handmade candles. We have become the natural choice for high quality home fragrance. Our business is based entirely on home fragrances, delivered by scented candles and reed diffusers.

Our Team
Our team of candle makers are specially trained and highly skilled craftsmen and women. Dedicated and enthusiastic, each member is an expert in their field with years of experience. They all share our love of scented candles.

Our Standards
Our uncompromising standards mean that any of our products you buy are of the highest quality. Each candle is hand-finished, creating the perfect home fragrance experience. They are rigorously checked by our candle makers, then checked again by our Quality Control team, before they are sent to you.

Our Materials
We pride ourselves on always sourcing the finest materials. Our perfumers blend these materials into distinctive and original fragrances. We even grow and harvest in the UK some of the botanicals found in our Natures Gift and Botanical collections.

The natural wax we use is our own secret blend. Its clean, steady burn and excellent scent throw sets us apart from the competition.

The Craft of Manufacturing Scented Candles
All our scented candles are manufactured here in the UK, in our own premises. The way they are made, like the candles themselves, is a refreshing and relaxing change from the rushed, impersonal and automated modern world.

The scent and the candle wax are carefully blended by hand and poured by hand. Each scented candle is individually checked before being carefully wrapped in our designer packaging.

We design all our scented candles in-house. We test very carefully to make sure our candles burn evenly and steadily, with a long burn-time and a steady release of the scent. Our quality waxes burn cleanly and without smoke.

We develop all our own scents as we work from top quality ingredients. We think carefully about the scent and about the emotional response it will evoke. We take great care and a lot of time in creating and testing the scents.

We love making candles. It gives us great satisfaction that our customers love our candles too.

Scented Candles Set The Mood
We often want to set the mood for the room we are in for a particular moment. That can be calm and peaceful for a relaxing soak in the bath, mellow and warm for a quiet night in, or up beat and lively for a party. Scented candles help you set the mood and atmosphere of any room for any occasion. The gentle flicker of light from an illuminated wick can add even more character.

Choosing a scented candle to generate the feeling you want is a very personal choice. It's as individual as choosing a scent or perfume. That's why we provide a wide range of rich, natural fragrances in our candles. Whatever you want the mood to be, we can help you.

Scented candles are the quickest way to improve the aura of your home, and the most affordable way to add that luxurious feeling.

 The Nose Knows!

Our nose tells us a lot about the place we are in. Is it warm and welcoming, or cold and damp? Is it vibrant, or stale and dour? Is it lively, or starting to age? We may not be aware of it, but all the time our nose is helping us decide if we like the place we are in.

That's why savvy hosts make sure their guests are welcomed by the right scent. One that fits the location, and the occasion. Scented candles are an excellent way of doing this. The right scent subtly filling the space for the duration of the occasion.

Candle Manufacturers
As well as our well-known Stoneglow brand candles, we also manufacture private label candles for a wide range of well-known brands including top flight hotels, fashion labels, and well known high street department stores. We offer a complete design, development and manufacturing service to help quality brands create scented candles which enhance their brand image.


All our candles are manufactured in our own workshop here in the UK just outside London.

Scented candle making