December 2021



RE:  IFRA Standards – 49th / 50th Amendment



IFRA develops and implements a Code of Practice, that provides good operating practice and guidelines on fragrance ingredient safety assessment, and includes safe Standards which may limit the level of certain fragrance ingredients. IFRA Standards may prohibited or restrict the use of certain ingredients. The IFRA standards will also specify on the use of a fragrance ingredient.


  • Restrictions may mean that certain ingredients will need to be used in a smaller dosage.
  • Prohibited may mean certain ingredients maybe banned.
  • Deadlines - Existing Products: 10th May, 2022 / New Products: 10th May, 2021


New Categories

Product                   Old 48th Category               New 49th Category

Reed Diffuser              Category 11                             Category 10A

Room Spray                 Category 9C                            Category 10B

Candles                        Category 11                             Category 12



At Stoneglow we are implementing these changes across some of our fragrances and are continually reviewing our ingredients. This may mean slight modifications in our fragrances to ensure a safe use of fragrance, but rest assured they will still be the amazing aroma’s you expect from Stoneglow.


Assuring you of our best intentions



Yours sincerely.


Louise Dooley

Commercial Director



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