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You can buy our scented candles online online shop.  Our range of candles and scents is wide and frequently updated.


Here at Stoneglow Candles we put a lot of time and expertise into developing candle scents that are distinctive and evocative. They are infused with fragrances made from natural ingredients. This allows the scents to release complex and captivating aromas.

All our scented candles use our own unique blend of wax which burns cleanly and slowly. We make sure the candles burn at just the right rate to give a steady, long-lasting perfume. Their long life means they are great value for money.


In this fast-paced modern world we cherish the traditional way we make our scented candles. They are all lovingly blended and poured by hand.

First, the cotton wick is placed in the candle glass by hand and glued in place, so the wick stays central when the wax is poured. This ensures a precise and even burn all the way down, which uses as much of the wax as possible.
Next, our finest wax is gently warmed up then the fragrance is blended in. The wax is stirred continuously to ensure even distribution of the fragrance. The scented wax is hand poured into the preheated glasses. Before the wax has completely cooled, each wick is carefully straightened by hand.

We do one more pour of the fragranced wax to ensure each candle is level for a premium finish. Once the wax is set, each wick is neatly trimmed by hand. The candle checked by the candle maker, then has one more thorough inspection by the QC department.
Each candle is cleaned and hand polished to an immaculate finish. Finally, labels are carefully applied by hand and the candle is gift-wrapped or packaged ready for you to enjoy.

Luna scented candle from 2020