Elements - Energy - Reed Diffuser Refill 210ml (new glass bottle)

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Glass Bottle
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BITTER ORANGE & CORIANDER - Tangy orange, lemon and lime, with orange blossom and a hint of coriander on a sweet powdery base.

200 ml - Lasts up to 16 weeks.

Now packaged in glass to help reduce signal use plastics.


The Elements Energy Reed Diffuser Refill in a 210ml new glass bottle is a captivating blend designed to invigorate your space with its vibrant essence. ENERGY Bitter Orange & Coriander is a unique combination of tangy orange, zesty lemon, and refreshing lime, harmoniously infused with delicate notes of orange blossom and a subtle hint of coriander. The fragrance rests on a sweet, powdery base that lingers captivatingly in the air.

This 210ml refill is specially crafted to last up to 16 weeks, ensuring that your living area remains filled with the enchanting aroma of Bitter Orange & Coriander for an extended period. The transition to a durable glass bottle reflects our commitment to sustainability, as we strive to reduce single-use plastics and promote eco-friendly packaging solutions.

With its uplifting and energizing scent profile, the Elements Energy Reed Diffuser Refill is perfect for creating a refreshing ambiance in any room. Simply refill your reed diffuser with this aromatic blend to enjoy the delightful fusion of citrusy notes, floral accords, and herbal hints that will elevate your senses and transform your space into a rejuvenating sanctuary.

Experience the awakening burst of energy that the Elements Energy Reed Diffuser Refill in Bitter Orange & Coriander offers, and indulge in the luxury of long-lasting fragrance that uplifts both your mood and environment.

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