Scented refills the perfect way for continued fragrance

Refilling your diffuser is a simple and easy way to ensure your home is always filled with your favorite fragrance. Our diffuser refills are designed to seamlessly replenish your existing reed diffuser, allowing you to enjoy continuous scent throughout your space.

With a wide range of scents to choose from, including exotic and captivating options such as Truffle D'Orient, Rose Ambre, and Fleur Aquatica, you can find the perfect refill to suit your personal taste and style. The large 500ml size of our Metallique line ensures long-lasting fragrance, while our Luna line offers a more compact 210ml size for easy storage and placement.

If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, our Modern Classics line offers scents like Sea Salt & Oakmoss and Pomegranate & Spiced Woods, perfect for creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere. For those who prefer a more elemental approach, our Elements line features scents like Red Pepper & Cardamom and Wild Mint & Bergamot, inspired by the natural world.

Whether you're looking to enhance your relaxation routine, create an inviting ambiance for guests, or simply enjoy a pleasant fragrance in your home, our diffuser refills are the perfect solution. Explore our collection and find the refill that speaks to you, bringing a delightful and continuous aroma to your living space.