Elements - Wood - Palo Santo & Amber - Reed Diffuser Refill 210ml (new glass bottle)

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PALO SANTO & AMBER - Smouldering palo santo with warming amber notes combined with patchouli, violet leaf and sandalwood, creating an enticing and comforting aroma.

200 ml - Lasts up to 16 weeks

Now packaged in glass to help reduce signal use plastics.

Experience the soothing and captivating blend of Wood Palo Santo & Amber with our Elements Reed Diffuser Refill in a 210ml new glass bottle. Embrace the smouldering essence of palo santo, entwined with the comforting warmth of amber notes that will transport you to a tranquil sanctuary of relaxation.

Crafted with a harmonious infusion of patchouli, violet leaf, and sandalwood, this fragrance amalgamates earthy tones with a hint of sweetness, creating an alluring aroma that captivates the senses and envelopes your space in serenity.

Our 210ml Reed Diffuser Refill is designed to last up to 16 weeks, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting scent of Wood Palo Santo & Amber for an extended period. With the refill now encased in a glass bottle, we aim to contribute to the reduction of single-use plastics, promoting sustainability without compromising on the quality of your aromatic experience.

Indulge in the subtle elegance of nature's beauty with our Elements Reed Diffuser Refill, a fusion of wood, palo santo, and amber that promises to elevate your ambiance with its enticing and comforting fragrance. Embrace the tranquility and sophistication of this scent, and let it enhance your surroundings with a touch of understated luxury.

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    Posted by michele facchi on 21st May 2024

    Prodotti incredibili, qualità altissima

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