Explorer - London - Pic a Lily - Reed Diffuser Refill 210ml NEW

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White Florals - Sage - Oakmoss

The city of elegance and refinement, where everybody is different and anyone can fit in. Steeped in history, abundant green spaces and inconic landmarks. Like the city, this scent has a core of strength surrounded by a delicate shell.


210ml Diffuser - Lasts up to 16 weeks

Immerse yourself in the essence of London with the Explorer - London - Pic a Lily - Reed Diffuser Refill. Breathe in the sophisticated blend of White Florals, Sage, and Oakmoss that capture the elegance and refinement of this iconic city. A fragrance that embodies the diversity and uniqueness of London, where every individual finds their place in a tapestry of history and green spaces.

Just like the vibrant city it represents, the Explorer London diffuser refill bursts with strength at its core while maintaining a gentle and delicate aura. Unwind and let the enticing aroma fill your space, creating an ambiance that transports you to the heart of London's bustling streets and serene parks.

This 210ml diffuser refill is designed to last up to 16 weeks, ensuring a long-lasting and continuous infusion of the Pic a Lily fragrance into your home or workspace. Simply insert the refill into your favorite reed diffuser to recharge your living area with the captivating scents of London.

Enhance your surroundings with the Explorer - London - Pic a Lily - Reed Diffuser Refill and bring the spirit of London into your everyday life. Experience the harmony of white florals, the freshness of sage, and the earthiness of oakmoss as you embark on a sensory journey inspired by the vibrant city of London.

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