Modern Classics - Sea Salt & Oakmoss - Reed Diffuser Refill 500ml

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SEA SALT & OAKMOSS - A wonderful fragrance reminiscent of a salty ocean breeze. The freshness of crunchy sea salt wrapped in red sea moss and ozonic minerals will transport you to the seashore at any time.



As featured in: The Telegraph

Elevate your living space with the indulgent scent of the Modern Classics Sea Salt & Oakmoss Reed Diffuser Refill in a generous 500ml size. Crafted to infuse your home with the essence of a refreshing oceanic retreat, this fragrance is a unique blend of sea salt, red sea moss, and ozonic minerals.

Imagine the feeling of a crisp sea breeze tickling your senses as you relax in the comfort of your home. The Sea Salt & Oakmoss fragrance captures the essence of a coastal escape, enveloping you in a symphony of invigorating scents that evoke memories of sandy beaches and endless horizons.

This refill is designed to seamlessly replenish your favorite reed diffuser, allowing you to continue enjoying the luxurious aroma without interruption. With its ample 500ml capacity, this refill ensures long-lasting fragrance that will linger in your space, creating a welcoming and soothing ambiance for you to unwind in.

As a sought-after fragrance, the Sea Salt & Oakmoss has garnered acclaim and recognition, being featured in The Telegraph. Join the ranks of those who appreciate quality and luxury by incorporating this exquisite scent into your daily life.

Indulge in the beauty of coastal living with the Modern Classics Sea Salt & Oakmoss Reed Diffuser Refill, and let the harmonious blend of sea salt and oakmoss transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility and refinement.

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