Modern Classics - Pomegranate & Spiced Woods - Reed Diffuser Refill 500ml

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POMEGRANATE & SPICED WOODS - Spicy pink pepper, aromatic thyme, frankincense and zingy citrus are balanced by warm patchouli and fruity accords of apple, plum and raspberry.



Infuse your living space with the luxurious fragrance of our Modern Classics - Pomegranate & Spiced Woods Reed Diffuser Refill in a generous 500ml size. Designed to reinvigorate your favorite diffuser, this refill offers a captivating blend of scents that will elevate your home ambiance to new levels of sophistication.

The Pomegranate & Spiced Woods fragrance is a harmonious fusion of spicy pink pepper, aromatic thyme, and rich frankincense, complemented by the refreshing notes of zingy citrus. This intricate blend is expertly balanced by the warmth of patchouli, creating a captivating aroma that will envelop your senses in relaxation and comfort.

Indulge in the fruity accords of apple, plum, and raspberry that add a sweet and delicious twist to the overall composition. The combination of these high-quality ingredients results in a reed diffuser refill that radiates elegance and refinement, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their surroundings.

With a generous 500ml size, this refill ensures long-lasting fragrance that will keep your home smelling inviting and delightful for an extended period. Simply pour this refill into your favorite reed diffuser and let the enchanting scent of Modern Classics - Pomegranate & Spiced Woods transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility and style. Elevate your home décor and ambiance with this exquisite reed diffuser refill today.

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